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For the love of Kakigori

During the Heian period around the 11th century in Japan, ice was collected from the mountains in the coldest months of winter.  The ice was shaved with a knife into a bowl and eaten together with the sweet sap from flowers and vines topped with syrup.  A luxury reserved for royalty and Heian nobles.

Today, Japanese shave ice, called Kakigori is a fluffy mountain of thinly shaved ice made to perfection topped with natural fruit syrups and other local and seasonal ingredients.  Taking care that each element is represented beautifully.  

As avid lovers of all things Japan, along with the art of food, we decided that people here in the USA deserve to know and enjoy authentic  Kakigori.  JAPOW which means Japanese powder-snow is our way to express this vision.   

Our mission is to create an elevated shave ice done with thoughtful detail, using premium water for our ice-blocks, a fine shave using a traditional Japanese hand-cranked ice shaver, and the highest quality natural fruits and flavor combinations that will wow your taste buds. Where East meets West.  Where you have an experience to remember.  Where you transport yourself high in the mountains on cloud-like snow, feeling all your senses, having the simple joy of eating something made with LOVE.

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